Why ExeJets Worldwide Aviation?

Private Jet Charter

When you book with ExeJets Worldwide Aviation, you know that you are getting first class service at a discounted price. Customer satisfaction always comes first! We believe in building trusting relationships with our clients. You can count on us to be reliable and honest about our air charter services.

Loyalty Membership Program

Ask us how you can become a Member of our Loyalty Program! You will receive the benefits of our first-class luxury travel and exclusive deals on the flights you book for savings of thousands of dollars. You will also receive exclusive savings on one-way travel to destinations all over the world at a fraction of the standard cost.

We are at your service

Let us know how we can add to your travel experience. Don’t hesitate to ask for any amenities you desire. At ExeJets Worldwide Aviation, you deserve to fly in luxury and comfort.

Easy Flight Arrangements and Payments

You call the shots, everything can be done right from your phone. At ExeJets Worldwide Aviation, you can get the luxury of a private jet with the snap of a finger.

Quick and Easy Quotes

At ExeJets Worldwide Aviation, we can get you into your airplane and on your way in as little as two hours from the first phone call. We know sometimes, plans can change. Let us help you get on your way.

Luxury Air Concierge

Call us 24/7! One of our aviation experts will be happy to guide you through the entire process of your upcoming travel, from the first phone call until you reach your final destination. Just sit back and relax, let us do the work.

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Luxury Air Charter

Access to thousands of jets worldwide at any time of the day. Guaranteed!

  • Safety and Experience
  • Ease and Convenience
  • Save Hours of Time and Money

Exclusive Membership

With our optional Loyalty Membership program, you will be treated like you should be when you are flying on a private jet.

  • Exclusive Loyalty Gold Card
  • Free Catering on flights
  • Exclusive One Way Travel Deals
  • Incredible Savings on flights, save thousands of dollars!
  • Weekly updates on private air charters in your area, at extreme discounts!