What type of safety measures does the selected charter have to go through?


Each pilot that works for the charter operator has to go through yearly training in the aircraft and/or simulator in every senario imaginable and has to take a test that exceeds FAA standards.


Each airplane for the charter operator are on scheduled maintaince checks and also exceeds FAA standards.

Charter Operator

Each charter operator is strictly overseen by the FAA and there are numerous tasks the operator has to do to stay in buisness as a part 135 charter operator.


What does ExeJets Worldwide Aviation do to make sure it’s the safest air charter?

Quality Charter

When you choose ExeJets Worldwide Aviation you can rest assured that we have already pre-screened the selected charter company to make sure it goes above and beyond all safety measures.

Fine Print

You have enough to worry about, let ExeJets Worldwide Aviation take care of all the small details for you.

Expert Help

At ExeJets Worldwide Aviation we are all pilots and you can feel free to ask any question you may have about the safety of the charter operators airplanes and pilots. We know what to look for when we see it everyday.